Remember True Confession Fridays?

If you’ve been my Facebook friend for a while, you may remember my “True Confession Friday” posts. It was my feeble attempt to post a weekly one-liner about parenting, life in the city, whatever struck me.  It was a worthy venture. It made me laugh. But, like many things that I start (Embroidery! Yoga! The Emperor of All Maladies…heck, laundry), I just sort of fizzled. Lately Facebook has been a real disaster.  I keep leaving it and then sneaking back.  I want to be connected. I want to hear stories and share stories.

So, I am going to try to share some stories on this blog.  I am making no promises I cannot keep.  I mean, I just put two kids in timeout while writing this.  See you on Friday!

9 thoughts on “Remember True Confession Fridays?

  1. I am so excited about this! You make me so proud! Thanks for saying yes to those promptings from others and especially from the Lord! I love you, Mom


  2. True story – I used to look forward to your “true confessions fridays” – they always made me laugh! looking forward to more!


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